BioRelease™ Technology

What is BioRelease™ Technology?

BioRelease™ is a technology developed in conjunction with research at NASA/Johnson Space Center.

Products formulated with BioRelease™ technology consistently deliver unparalleled tablet dissolution rates of 95% or more, ensuring that virtually all of the labeled nutrients are fully released and bioavailable.

Simply put, BioRelease™ means you get the nutrients you need, when you need them.

Understanding Dissolution

Dissolution is the rate at which active ingredients in a supplement are released. When a supplement is swallowed, it must first dissolve in the fluid of the GI tract; a supplement cannot be absorbed across the intestinal wall as a solid.

The rate at which it releases active ingredients is critical to ensure that all components are delivered properly. Dissolution rate refers to the ability of a supplement to dissolve in a solution, expressed as a percentage.

Supplements are designed to stay in tact in the bottle during transport but to break up quickly once they are in an aqueous environment. This can be an easy or difficult job depending on the quality of the manufacturing of the supplement.

If a supplement doesn't dissolve by the time it reaches the colon, the efficacy is greatly diminished. More than likely, the supplement won't release its active ingredients and will provide less than optimal results.

Failed Dissolution

What happens when pills don't dissolve?

Essential vitamins and nutrients aren't released into your system or are released at the wrong time, decreasing their effectiveness.

Industry Dissolution Standards

Supplement Industry

Supplements are regulated as foods, so dissolution tests are not required.
Data suggests most supplements have dissolution rates below 50%. Less than half the labeled ingredients are released.


Published annually, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) is an overview of drug information for the United States. The USP has established a dissolution standard of 75% in 60 minutes for pharmaceutical drugs. This includes prescription medication and over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen.


Our self-imposed standards are the highest in the industry, surpassing even USP standards for over-the-counter medicines. Due to our BioRelease™ technology, Nugevity supplements consistently deliver 95% dissolution or more - even higher than the pharmaceutical standard of 75%.