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"We've worked with NASA and other elite organizations to research nutrition that supports human health, even under the most challenging conditions.

I founded Nugevity to share these discoveries and make them available to everyone."

Carlos Montesinos, Founder

Support for Healthy Eyes

OS2® The Ocular Support Solution™ protects the macula, lubricates your eyes, and reduces strain from digital screens. It features AREDS antioxidants, omega-3, lutein and astaxanthin to improve night vision and glare.*

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Best Omega-3 Fish Oil. Period.

With essential fatty acids for Heart, Brain, Eye and Immune health. Omega Max supports a healthy inflammatory balance, and improves tear quality.

Omega Max is also recommended during pregnancy, as it promotes your baby's brain development.*

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Why Choose Nugevity?


    Nutritional technologies from the US Space Program


    Manufactured at a US
    FDA-Registered Facility


    By physicians and athletes worldwide

As a physician and subject matter expert for the DOD, I trust Nugevity to deliver clean, high quality products that work.

Michael D. Lewis, MD, MPH, MBA
Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired)
Board Certified Physician and Author
Former Chief of the Emergency Services, Primary Care, Executive Medicine, and Flight Medicine Clinics at The Pentagon, and the DoD Dietary Supplement Committee

Pilots experience greater exposure to radiation... I was introduced to these antioxidants during my last two missions in space.

Capt. James Wetherbee (US, retired)
NASA Astronaut and Aerospace Engineer

I absolutely love Nugevity’s products. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my daily life and athletic career.

Jorge Sanchez
U.S. Paralympic Gold-Medalist
Tokyo 2020 & Rio 2016

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