About Us

Nugevity, a pioneer in premium vitamins and supplements, emerged from a fundamental concept: simplifying access to optimal nutrition. With a rich background in nutraceutical technologies, our journey began as a trusted partner to the biomedical community. Collaborating with healthcare professionals, research institutions, and government agencies, we aimed to promote healthy aging through ethical dietary supplements within an integrative care framework.

Our trajectory evolved over the past several decades, guided by groundbreaking collaborations with NASA's Johnson Space Center. Through a Space Act Agreement, our scientists co-developed nutritional technologies, exploring their potential to foster well-being in the harsh climate of outer space.

Driven by a commitment to disseminate these findings globally, Nugevity was established to empower clinicians and patients alike. Our research delves into the human body's extremes, gleaned from the research conducted with NASA. We translate these mission-critical insights into tangible benefits for your health, athletic performance, and overall well-being. For us, it's not just about crafting supplements; it's about effecting meaningful change.

Moreover, Nugevity serves as the research and development cornerstone for esteemed medical professionals, Olympic athletes, and elite military units. Our unwavering dedication extends to those who set the highest standards, pushing their physical limits in pursuit of excellence. We invite you to embark on this journey toward optimal health, where every step is guided by our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.

Carlos Montesinos
Managing Director & Chief Scientist


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