9 Creative Ways to Remember Your Vitamins

9 Creative Ways to Remember Your Vitamins

Your health is important to you, which is why you’ve invested in vitamins to supplement your nutritional needs. Now that you have your vitamins, you just have to remember to take them. Don’t let your supplements gather dust in your medicine cabinet. Instead, use these nine creative tips to remember your supplements each day and improve your health.

1. Set a reminder

What’s the point of technology if you’re not going to use it? Add a daily vitamin task to your phone calendar or even your work calendar so you get a notification reminder on your phone or via email.

2. Create a vitamin board

Perhaps you’re guilty of muting your alarms on a regular basis. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to have a backup reminder like a vitamin board in place. A vitamin board is an excellent option for anyone who enjoys crafts. Use a chalkboard or a small poster to create a fun vitamin reminder board, then hang it somewhere in the kitchen you’re sure to see it.

3. Gamify your vitamins

There are some awesome apps out there that will seriously incentivize you to remember your daily supplements. For instance, Habitica lets you input your daily habits, goals, and tasks. Each time you complete a task you receive rewards. These rewards let you unlock equipment or pets for your avatar, or you can set custom rewards like access to an episode of your favorite TV show.

4. Make a screensaver

If you’re like most people, you likely stare at a screen a good portion of your day. Why not make a fun screensaver that comes with a purpose? Create a rolling screen saver or a computer background that flashes your to-do list or daily goals across the screen. You’ll be sure to see it at some point throughout the day.

5. Find an accountability partner

Self-motivation is hard and not everyone is great at achieving their goals. If that’s you, then find an accountability partner. Perhaps you have a friend who is also trying to be healthier. Hold each other accountable and send reminders to one another to help hit those health goals.

6. Pick a role model

You don’t necessarily need a vitamin role model but find a health role model to aspire toward. Hang a picture of your role model on your fridge or above your computer as a daily reminder of your health goals. Add a little note at the bottom about your supplements, just to be on the safe side.

7. Put them in sight

Get a small colorful bowl or cup and designate it as your vitamin cup. Put this on the counter in plain sight and place your daily vitamins inside each morning. Leave the vitamins on the counter until it comes time for you to take them. Then either put the cup away or set it to the side to signify you’ve taken your supplements. Rinse and repeat each day.

8. Create a behavior chain

Behavior chains are a popular habit-forming method. Essentially, you’re creating an if-then routine. For example, if you’re going to brush your teeth, then you should take your vitamins first, or if you’re going to have a cup of coffee then you should also have a vitamin. Basically, pick a habit you already have and tack on the vitamin before or after the established habit.

9. Raise the stakes

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully time and again to build a daily vitamin habit, it may be time to raise the stakes. With the StickK app, you set a goal, denote a timeframe, and then put money down on your goal. If you fail to reach your goal, StickK will send your money to wherever you pledged it. This could be a friend, a charity you’d like to support, or even an Anti-Charity (an organization whose views you strongly oppose). You determine which incentive works best to motivate you towards accomplishing your goals.

Supplements are good for your health, but they only help if you remember to take them. Play around with the reminder ideas above to figure out which option works best for you.

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