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Keto Brew™

Keto Brew™

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Keto Brew™ is your ultimate ketogenic and intermittent fasting companion. Its creamy cappuccino flavor is designed to satisfy your cravings, while keeping you on track with your dieting goals. And Keto Brew will not break your intermittent fasting period. It's more than just a drink; it's your ally for a successful keto diet.*

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Keto Brew™ includes MCT oil and is rich in medium chain triglycerides. This powerhouse ingredient delivers a natural source of energy that doesn't spike insulin and won't disrupt your keto journey.*

Keto Brew™ stands out among ketogenic drinks, thanks to its carefully selected ingredients. MCT oil stimulates the release of the hormones peptide YY and leptin that promote a feeling of fullness, making it easier to adhere to your dietary plan. Additionally, this exceptional beverage contains the patented Coffeeberry® extract, known for its support in memory and weight management.*

Ingredient Highlights

  • Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) have been shown to increase the release of two hormones that promote the feeling of fullness in the body. Additionally, taking MCT oil has been shown to significantly reduce body weight and waist circumference.*

  • Coffeeberry® is a patented extract from the fruit or cherry that surrounds the coffee bean. It has been clinically shown to significantly increase levels of a key neuro-protein (BDNF) vital to learning, memory, and weight management. *

Directions for Use

Pour one serving (dosing scoop is provided) into 4 fl oz of hot water and mix. Amount of liquid can be adjusted according to your taste or consistency. Can be taken hot or iced as desired, and can be further sweetened with stevia or sucralose (but not sugar). May also be added to smoothies and other beverages, or as recommended by a healthcare provider or nutritionist.

Pharma-IQ™ Manufacturing

Every batch is tested to ensure potency and purity. It's part of our Pharma-IQ™ manufacturing program that goes beyond Good Manufacturing Practices to yield the highest quality premium vitamins and supplements.

Banned Substances Control Group

Each lot is independently tested and certified by The Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG), offering the broadest protection available against the presence of banned substances in sport.


    Manufactured at an FDA-Registered Facility


    Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back


    Container made without BPA

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.